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Jacob Hatch is pleased to announce his plans for 2021, which will see race for Demmery Motorsports in the ASBK Supersport 300 and R3 Cup Championships.

Demmery Motorsports have been at the forefront of racing in both categories for several years, presenting Jacob with a real opportunity to excel on track next season.

Jacob Hatch:
“I am delighted to be riding with Brandon Demmery and Demmery Motorsports next season and feel it’s a step in the right direction with where I want to be going in my career. Brandon will help me on track and off it and we have a good team behind us covering suspension and everything we need to have a good crack at winning the championship. I believe that we can be strong in both championships and I am really excited to get started.”

Brandon Demmery – Demmery Motorsports:
“I’m incredibly excited for Jacob to join the team next year. I’ve worked with him for about 18 months and we see a lot of potential in him. He has a lot of talent, comes from a great family and with our team environment I think we can see him really shine. He has a lot of raw talent and there’s no reason that he cannot go on to become one of the greatest riders in Australia, if not the world. He joined the team unofficially at the last round of this year’s series at Wakefield Park. A few things out of his and our control stopped him from showing his true potential, but we saw some great speed out of him nonetheless and we are confident that together we can challenge for podiums, wins and hopefully the championship next year!”

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