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Following the news that the opening round of the 2021 ASBK series has been postponed, disappointment throughout the paddock and all classes of racing has been high.

Jacob Hatch, who is raring to go after inking a deal before Christmas with Demmery Motorsports, had been putting in the laps both on an Ohvale and a Supersport machine to be in the best shape possible for the year ahead. He will now have to wait a little longer to get his 2021 campaign underway.

Despite the delay, Jacob is pleased to unveil a host of new sponsors of supporters, who will be on board with him for the upcoming year. Logos of all can be seen at the bottom of this release.

Jacob Hatch:
“Me and the team are bummed that we can’t go to round one as planned. We were pumped and ready to get back to the paddock and get back racing again. Since the last round last year, I have been working hard to get back to full fitness and have been putting in the laps at the local Go Kart track on the Ohvale and have even been riding a 600. It’s all gone great and I’ve learned a lot. The 600 I rode at Wakefield Park was a lot of fun and so we have decided that since we have a delay to ASBK starting that we will do some club races in Supersport to make sure we are as ready as we can be for when the season actually starts.”

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