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Jacob Hatch leaves Round 2 of the 2021 ASBK Championship at Wakefield Park with a solid points haul from the six races in which he was competing.

With lap times as ever super close, the #99 Demmery Motorsports rider dug deep throughout the weekend to salvage the best possible results despite suffering from a lack of top speed at the NSW venue.

Racing in both the Yamaha R3 Cup and the Supersport 300 Championships, Jacob achieved a double top ten finish, heading home with a best race finish of eighth. He currently sits thirteenth and eighth overall in the points standings in the Supersport 300 and Yamaha R3 Cup, respectively.

Jacob Hatch:
“It wasn’t the weekend we had hoped for but sometimes racing is like that. We did our best with what we had, and we can move on to the next round knowing where we need to improve. The times were really close all weekend, but we knew even from qualifying that we were losing time on the straight. I was able to stay with the front runners in the corners and on the brakes, but I would just get swallowed up on the straight. We tried several things including changing gearing, but we were unable to close the gap. In the races I tried to remain calm and gave it everything but there was nothing I could do. I made some good starts and was able to hang on for a while, but I couldn’t even stay in the slipstream. The team did a great job to give me a sweet handling bike, and we came away with points in every race and no crashes. We thought we would be much higher in the points, but we will fight again at Morgan Park, which is the next round.”

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